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Sanlida Outdoor is the online shop which directly belongs to Sanlida Company. Under the same quality, we provide the lowest quotes. We supply the full range of archery products including compound bow, recurve bow and the related accessories.

Sanlida Archery, an archery brand in pursuit of the ultimate performance at great value on archery equipment.

SANLIDA company, the world's largest archery development and manufacturing base, providing professional manufacture and processing services for the global market.

SANLIDA company, the Chinese largest provider of archery equipment, become the only archery industry listed company in China, has the capacity to service the expandable global market.


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Production Line Intro:

•Competition Bow Limbs Production Line

•Compound Bow Limbs Production Line

•Compound Crossbow Limbs Production Line

•Recurve Crossbow Limbs Production Line

•Beginner Recurve Bow Limbs Production Line

•Beginner Recurve Bow Risers Production Line

•Long Bows Production Line

•One-Piece Bows Production Line

•CNC Processing Center

•Anodizing Production Line

•Painting Production Line

•Water Transfer Printing Production Line

•String Production Line

•Fletching Production Line

•Final Assembly Production Line

20 PCs of CNC Machines

Main Products & Annual Capacity Scheme

•High-End Recurve Crossbows:30000 pcs

•High-End Compound Crossbows:90000 pcs

•Competition Recurve Bows:120000 pcs

•Alloy Beginner Competition Bows:120000 pcs

•Beginner Recurve Bows:120000 pcs

•Long Bows:50000 pcs

•One-Piece Hunting Bows:50000 pcs

•Alloy Take-Down Hunting Bows:60000 pcs

•Target Compound Bows:50000 pcs

•Hunting Compound Bows:100000 pcs

Limbs Manufacturing Center


Sanlida's Archery Cultural Museum 

Sanlida's Archery Training Center 

Sanlida's Resturant

Sanlida's Meeting Center

Sanlida's Archery Tag Center

Sanlida's 3-Star Hotel


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