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Sanlida Outdoor is the retail website which directly belongs to Sanlida Company.

Established in 1998, Sanlida Archery only focus on archery equipment manufacturing,  now become the only archery industry listed company in China, has the capacity to service the expandable global market.

Let everyone enjoy shooting archery with the lowest cost!

We aim the archers and hunting enthusiasts with archery products as our customers. The archery hunting related packaged products will be provided with the ultimate performance at great vale.

Our vision is to provide the archery and hunting equipments with the best value for the archers and hunting enthusiasts. 

Under the same quality, we provide the lowest quotes.

We have provided the OEM services to severla large brands and manufacturers in USA and Europe. The quality of the products and services can be guaranteed.




Sanlida's Honor Wall

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Over 10 national teams are using Sanlida's products;
the customers all over the world choose Sanlida!

''Do not let the words "Beginner Package" in the ‘color’ selection dissuade you from purchasing this bow. This is a bow that is an extremely capable bow and can be used by a beginner to an advanced user. I do agree with the word “beginner” as this is a bow you can start out with and grow into and customize to your liking.

I had been looking for a decent and affordable bow for some time and read lots of reviews and watched lots of YouTube videos. All the compound bows meeting my criteria came in around $399 to $499 price range, some of them with dated technology as they have been on the market for years.''

''I purchased a dragon x8 as my first bow. I've been watching Sean McVay's YouTube channel which talks about this bow and suggest purchasing it. Thank you for this very affordable quality product!''


Sanlida Archery Production Lines

•Competition Bow Limbs Production Line

•Compound Bow Limbs Production Line

•Compound Crossbow Limbs Production Line

•Recurve Crossbow Limbs Production Line

•Beginner Recurve Bow Limbs Production Line

•Beginner Recurve Bow Risers Production Line

•Long Bows Production Line

•One-Piece Bows Production Line

•CNC Processing Center

•Anodizing Production Line

•Painting Production Line

•Water Transfer Printing Production Line

•String Production Line

•Fletching Production Line

•Final Assembly Production Line

21 PCs of CNC Machines


Main Products & Annual Capacity Scheme

•High-End Recurve Crossbows:30000 pcs

•High-End Compound Crossbows:90000 pcs

•Competition Recurve Bows:120000 pcs

•Alloy Beginner Competition Bows:120000 pcs

•Beginner Recurve Bows:120000 pcs

•Long Bows:50000 pcs

•One-Piece Hunting Bows:50000 pcs

•Alloy Take-Down Hunting Bows:60000 pcs

•Target Compound Bows:50000 pcs

•Hunting Compound Bows:100000 pcs

     Limbs Manufacturing Center

Sanlida's Archery Cultural Museum

Sanlida's Archery Training Center 

Sanlida's Resturant

Sanlida's Meeting Center

Sanlida's Archery Tag Center

Sanlida's Hotel


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